Monday, January 25, 2016

Normal parade

Normal parade

Date: 30 Jan
Venue: Shuqun Sec
Attire: Day Dress
Things to bring: Writing Material, Water Bottle, PT-kit

8.45am Squad Fall-in
9.00am Muster Parade & Inspection
9.20am Sing-along & Devotion
10.00am Drill
11.00am Games
11.45am Squad Time
12.00pm Dismissal

NCO i/c: Lcp Pradeep
Flag raiser: Lcp Malcolm
Song Leaders: Pte Jonathan & Pte Joshua
Games Leaders: Lcp Malcolm & Lcp Yangsheng
OIC: Officer Clement
Teacher i/c: Mr Kong

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Normal Parade

Normal parade -23 Jan

8:45am - squad fall-in
9:00am - muster parade & inspection
9:20am - SAAD
9:50am - Drill
11:10am - Games
11:40am - squad time
12:20pm - Dismissal

Attire - Full-U
For new boys please wear your PE

Venue - School
Teacher in charge -Mr Yeh
Sing-a-long leader - PTE Kai wen
Games Leader - LCP Rong Jin & CPL Kevin
Devotion leader - Officer Justin
Flag raiser -LCP wee siong
Things to bring -
PT kit
Writing materials
Water bottle
Consent forms(abseiling or kayaking)

Remember to polish up

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Games Day

Games Day 16 Jan

Objective:To get to know the sec ones better and strengthen the bonds between each other

Attire: PT Kit with name tag

8.45am- Sec 1 Registration
9.00am- Muster parade
9.15am- Singalong
10.00am- Station Games
11.00am- Rest
11.10- Company Games
12.30am- Prize presentation
1.00pm- Dismissal

Nco IC: PTE Dao jun
Singalong Leader: SGT Benjamin
Devotion leader: Mr chin
OIC : Officer Justin
Ttb:Writing materials,water bottle

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

CCA Fair

CCA Fair 2016 ( 9th Jan )

0745 - muster parade and inspection / briefing on set up
0815 - start set up
0915 - giving out flyers to boys
0930 - start of cca fair
1130 - end of cca fair/pack up
1200 - assigning of contacts/refreshments
1300 - dismissal
1315 - debrief

Venue: Shuqun Secondary School
Attire: Full-Uniform ( remember to polish up and look smart )
TTB: Writing materials, water bottle, consent form (3month)
NCO IC: CPL Sherman
OIC: 2Lt Joshua

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Recruitment training

Recruitment training (2nd Jan)

0845 - Squad fall in
0900 - Muster Parade
0915 - SAAD
0945 - Recruitment Workshop
1045 - CCA Fair briefing
1100 - Drill
1145 - Squad time
1200 - Dismissal

Venue - Church(MPH)
Attire - Full Uniform
Things to bring - Bible, writing material, water bottle, BB Polo T-Shirt.

Sing along leader - Sgt Yee Kai
Devotion leader - Mr Yeh

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas celebration

Christmas Celebration 26/12/15

8.45am Muster Parade
9.00am Singalong & Devotion
9.45am Games(Scavenger Hunt)
10.30am Thanksgiving Reflection
11.00am Card Exchange
11.15am Christmas Video
11.45am Birthday Celebration & Squad time
12.10pm Clean up
12.20pm Dismissal

Venue: Church
Attire: PT Kit
TTB: Writing Materials, Water bottle,own christmas cards and decorations

NCO-in-charge: LCP Pradeep
Singalong ldr: CPL Sherman
Logistic I/C: LCP Wee siong
OIC: Snr Kivan

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Recruitment Training 19 Dec 2015

Recruitment Training

0830-Sqd Fall-in
0845-Muster parade
1100-Mass debrief for Workshop
1115-Sqd Time

Attire:Full Uniform
Nco IC: SGT Yeekai
Sing-a-long leader: LCP weesiong
Devotion Leader: 2LT Zhenhui
Things to bring: BB Polo t-shirt (for drill), bible, writing materials, water bottle