Monday, March 30, 2015

Normal parade

Normal parade
Venue: Church
Things to bring: Water bottle,writing materials,pt kit

8.45 am Squad fall-in
8.55 am Muster parade
9.20 am SAAD
10.00 am Drill and target badgework
11.35 am Games
12.05 nn Squad time
12.25 pm Dismissal
12.35 pm Debrief

Squad duty:squad Ephesians
Officer in charge: Officer Joshua
Sing-a-long leader: LCP Sherman
Games leader:Pte Naveen
Devotion leader: Pastor Andrew

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Target boys programme

Target Boys programme    28 March 2015
Venue: Jurong Christian Church
Attire: PT Kit
Things to Bring: Target notes, CE notes, Writing material, Water Bottle

8.45am Meet at Lakeside MRT control station
9.00am Fall in at Jurong Christian Church
9.05am Target CE revision
9.30am CE test
10.00am Target lesson
10.45am Drill
11 30am Officer and Target boys Time
11 45am Dismissal

Monday, March 16, 2015

Target and drill (Day 1)

T&D (Day 1) - 21 March 2015                                    0800 Squad Fall in
Venue:shuqun secondary school
0815-0830 Muster Parade & Inspection
0830-0900 BB week collection and Camp Briefing
0900-0930 SAAD
0930-1030 Drill Practical 1 (1hr)
1030-1115 Theory Lesson 1 (45 mins)
1115-1145 Lunch
1145-1230 Theory Lesson 2 (45 mins)
1230-1330 Drill Practical 2 (1hr)
1330-1415 Games
1415-1445 Tea break/Sq time
1445-1545 Drill Practical 3 (1 hr)
1545 Dismissal

Singalong ldr:  LCP Pradeep
Games ldr:LCP Sherman
Csm: SGT Benjamin
Nco in charge:CPL Xinjie
Ofc in charge: ofc Justin
Ttb: water bottle, field rank(nco), drill manuel(drill 1 and drill 2), targets notes, pt kit, writing material and **bb week cards and money**

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Civil defence course

Civil Defence 2015
Programme Outline
Attire: Fatigue(polo tee, dark blue jeans, covered shoes with socks and belt)
Things to bring: Water bottle, EZ-Link card( At least $3), Writing materials, Money for course
7.15am Meet at Jurong East MRT station (Escalator)
7.20am Depart for HQ 3rd Civil Defence Division(533, Yishun Industrial Park A)
8.20am Arrive at HQ 3rd Civil Defence Division(533, Yishun Industrial Park A)
8.30am Start of Course
2.00pm End of Course

Lunch will not be provided
Take note: this are the following boys who only need to participate

Lee Hui
Lee Hui

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Normal parade

Date: 7th march 2014
Program: Normal parade
Venue: Shuqun Secondary School
Attire: Full-U
TTB: Water bottle, Writing materials, PT kit, Target notes for sec ones

8.45 am Squad Leaders fall-in
8.50 am Squad fall-in
9.00 am Muster parade
9.20 am SAAD
9.45 am BB week briefing
10.00 am Target and Drill Badgework
11.00 am Games
11.45 am Squad time
12.00 am Dismissal
12.15 am Debrief

Duty Squad: Philemon
Officer in charge: Officer Clement
Sing-a-long leader: CPL Keith
Games leader: CPL Yee Kai
Devotion leader: Officer Clement

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Speech day rehearsal (4 March)

Speech Day Rehearsal NEXT WED (4 MARCH 2015)

Duration: Starts at 3:15, report to the BB Room in HALF U

Things to bring: Half-U, seek help from your squad leader if you do not know what is half-u

*Remember to POLISH UP your uniform parts