Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas celebration

Christmas celebration

11.30 - Fall-in
11.45 - Lunch fellowship
13.00 - Singalong and Devotion
13.30 - Christmas activities
16.00 - The Showcase
16.30 - Gifts and Prizes
16.45 - Dismissal

Note: All Boys are to bring a wrapped gift. A $5.00 minimum budget is encouraged.

Venue: Jurong Christian Church
CSM: SGT Shun Yao
Singalong Leader: LCP Sherman
Devotion Leader: Mr Chin
Attire: Muffi/ Fatigue Dress

Monday, December 8, 2014

NCO Planning Retreat 2014

NCO Planning Retreat 2014
Note: Have lunch before coming
Venue: Juring Christian Church
Program outline:
1pm Fall-in
1.15pm Sing along&Devotion
1.40pm Project reflection presentation
3.15 Tea break
3.30pm Overview of 2015 Major fixed programme
4.15 Going through of the 2015 calendar
6.15 Travelling to dinner point
6.30 Arrival at dinner point
8pm Dismissal

CSM: CPL Benjamin
Singalong Leader: CPL Yee Kai
Devotion Leader: Officer Justin
Attire: Muffi/ Fatigue Dress

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Normal parade 6th December

Normal parade 6th December


Attire: Full U 

Venue: Jurong Christian church 

 Things to Bring: PT Kit, Writing materials, Water bottle, Nco retreat consent form ( LCP Lee Hui, PTE Samuel,  SGT Shun Yao, LCP Abel) and two clean shirt 


8.45am Squad fall-in

9.00am Muster Parade and inspection 

9.20am Sing-a-long and Devotion

9.50am Drill

10.55am Games (Drill will end at 10.50 and the five minutes is for them to change)

11.50pm Squad time

12.10pm Dismissal

12.25pm Debrief


Squad Duty: Corinthians

OIC: Officer Boris

Sing-along leader: PTE Malcolm

Devotion Leader: Officer Zhen Hui

Games Leader: LCP Pradeep


Monday, November 24, 2014

4Day 3Night St John Island leadership camp

4Day 3Night St John Island leadership camp

Things to bring:
1. 4 sets of pt kit (including undergarments and socks)
2. 1 pair of slippers
3. Toiletries (including towel)
4. Utensils ( plate, spoon, mug and fork)
5. water bottle( 1 litre and above)
6. Writing materials
7. Field rank (Ncos only)
8. Insect repellent
9. Torch light (bring spare batteries also)
10. $10 of cash
11. 4 big plastic bag (zip lock will be better)
12. Swimming trunks
13. Sun block (optional)
14. Personal medication ( if necessary)

Programme outline:
Day 1
11am Fall-in
11.15am Lunch
11.45am Briefing and Packing
12.30pm Bus ride from JCC to Marina South Pier
1.30pm Buying of ticket
2.00pm Arrival on the island
2.45pm Settling down
3.45pm Camp admin and orientation
4.15pm Tea break
4.30pm Game
5.30pm Ldc leadership
6.30pm Wash up (no bathing)
7pm Dinner
7.45pm Habitudes (Iceburg)
8.45pm Game
9.45pm Bathing Time
10.15pm Vesper              
10.45pm Supper
11pm Admin Time
11.30pm lights out

Day 2
7am Rise and shine
7.15am 5BX
7.30am Wash up
7.45am Quiet time
8am Breakfast
8.15am Bunk Inspection
8.45am LDC Up Front Speaking
9.45am Games
10.45am Habitudes (Thermometer and thermostat)
11.45am Games
12.30pm Lunch
1.15pm Admin time
1.45pm LDC Instructional Techniques
2.45pm Games
3.45pm Beach
4.45pm Wash up
5.15pm Habitudes (Fun House mirror)
6.15pm Games
6.45pm Dinner
7.15pm LDC Leading
8.15pm Night Performance Preparation
9pm Night adventure
10pm Wash up
10.30pm Vesper
11pm Supper
11.15pm Admin Time
11.30pn Lights out

Day 3
7am Rise and shine
7.15am 5BX
7.30am Wash up
7.45am Quiet time
8am Breakfast
8.15am Bunk Inspection
8.45am LDC Squad Management
9.45am Games
10.45am Habitudes (Pop quiz)
11.45am Games
12.30pm Lunch
1.15pm Admin time
1.45pm Habitudes (Emotional Fuel)
2.45pm Night performance Preparation
3.15pm Island Walk and beach
5.15pm Wash Up
5.45pm Packing of logistics
6.45pm Dinner
7.15pm Night Performance
8.15pm Movie
10.15pm Vesper
10.30pm Supper
10.45pm Admin Time
11pm Lights out

Day 4
7am Rise and Shine & wash up
7.15am Breakfast
7.45am Clean up & area check & check out
8.15am Break camp
8.45am Fal-in and Travel to ferry terminal
9.30am Arrive at St john ferry terminal
9.50am Ferry from St john's island to Marina South pier
11am Arrive at Marina south Pier and bus to JCC
12nn Arrive at JCC and unpack logistics
12.15pm Dismiss from JCC

1. Squad leaders can do a parsa malam before the company fall in.
2. the following attire (t-shirts) for the 4 days

Day 1 - Coy blue t-shirt (with 28th at the back)

Day 2 - School t-shirt (yellow)

Day 3 - Any t-shirt

Day 4 -Brigade blue polo

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

BB Share a gift

Date: 22 November 2014
Reporting Time and Venue: 7.30am sharp @ Shuqun Secondary School
Attire: Full-Uniform (Parts polished and proper haircut)

7.30am Fall-in and collection of consent forms
7.40am Depart for BBHQ
8.30am Alight at BBHQ & Registration
9.00am 12hr CIP (lunch and dinner will be provided)
9.00pm Depart to SQSS
9.45pm Dismissal from SQSS

Things to bring: Pt-kit (BB Polo, Name Tag, Shoes and white socks, Field Rank for NCOs)
Water bottle (>500ml), Writing materials, BBSG consent form, Student pass (with at least $10 in case of outpost). Strictly no entertainment devices and excess valuables

*Please ensure you have sufficient rest and drink up the day before

NCO in-charge: LCP Pradeep
OIC: Officer Clement (Officer Joshua will be the OIC during the morning)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Recreation Day 15 Nov

Recreation Day 15 Nov

6.00pm Squad dinner
7.15pm Fall-in
7.20pm Briefing
7.45pm Set off
8.30pm Night Safari
12.40am Little India
3.00am Treasure hunt @ Airport
5.00am Breakfast Airport
5.30am See Sunrise at east coast
7.45am Dismissal
Attire:Pt kit (Shuqun PE shirt)
Nco in charge :Lcp Benjamin
Officer incharge:cpt zewen
thing to bring :writing material, water bottle , min $12 for breakfast ,1 extra set of pt kit

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Normal parade 8 november

Normal parade 8 november

Attire: Full U Venue: Church
Things to Bring: PT Kit, Writing materials, Water bottle CONSENT FORMS

8.45am Squad fall-in
 9.00am Muster Parade and inspection 9.20am Sing-a-long and Devotion
9.50am Drill
10.55am Games
11.45pm Squad time
12pm LDC camp briefing
12.10pm Dismissal
12.25pm Debrief

Sq duty: solomon
OIC: 2lt zhenhui
Sing-a-long leader: LCP Kevin
Devotion leader:  Rev Anthony
Games leader: LCP junjie
CSM: LCP jun jie