Thursday, March 15, 2018

16-17 March 2018 Drill Camp packing list

Drill Manual
Writing Materials
Water Bottle
Sleeping Bag
3 sets of PT-Kit
2 Pairs of Socks
2 Undergarments
Medications (Optional)
Polishing Kit
Plastic Bags (For Dirty Clothings)

There will be a bag inspection, so please remember to bring all the items needed in the list

16-17 March 2018 Drill Camp

Drill Camp
16-17March 2018

Objective:To further develop our focus through discipline

Day 1
6.00PM- Squad Fall in/ Muster Parade
6.30PM- Setting down and briefing
7.00PM- Lesson 1
8.00PM- Company drill 1
9.00PM- Wash up
9.30PM- Vesper
10.00PM- Supper/Wash up
10.30PM- Lights off

Day 2
6.00AM- 5BX
6.30AM- Breakfast, packing and changing
7.00AM- Room inspection, Muster parade/Inspection
7.30AM- SAAD
8.00AM- Company drill 2
9.00AM- Lesson 2
10.00AM- Lesson 3
11.00AM- Company drill 3
12.00PM- Lunch with revision
12.30PM- Lesson 4
1.30PM- Lesson 5/Revision
2.30PM- Test
4.30PM- Closing
5.00PM- Dismissal

Attire:Full U
NCO IC: SSG YangSheng
OIC: 2Lt Zhenhui
Admin/Logistics IC: CPL Kaiwen
Messing IC: CPL Naveen
Camp coordinator: SSG YangSheng
Camp Commandant: SSG YangSheng and SGT Jonathan
Singalong Leaders: SGT DaoJun and LCP Malcolm
Devotion Leader: Mr Chin and Officer Clement

Thursday, February 8, 2018

10 Feb 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese New Year Celebration (10 Feb 2018)
Objective: To bond more with the boys and celebrate Chinese New Year together as a company.

0845- Squad Fall In
0900- Muster Parade
0915- SAAD
1000- Fortune Cookie and Lantern Making
1045- BBQ
1230-Clean Up
1245- Dismissal

NCO IC: LCP Joshua
OIC: Officer Joshua
Sing Along Leader: SGT Jonathan
Guitarist: Officer Joshua
Devotion Leader: Officer Justin

Venue: Church MPH 1
Attire:  pt-kit
TTB: Water Bottle, Writting Materials

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

20 Jan 2018 Air Rifle Course

Air Rifle Course
20 January 2018

9am - meet at Bukit Gombak MRT(gantry area)
12pm - Dismissal

Attire: mufti (polo with jeans)
TTB: writing materials , water bottle, umbrella

*IMPORTANT* if you are unable to attend the course for whatever reasons, *inform your respective squad leaders and officers ASAP*

Friday, January 12, 2018

13 Jan 2018 Normal Parade

13th Jan 2018
Normal Parade

8.45am- Squad fall in
9.00am- Muster parade
9.15am- SAAD
9.55am- Drill
10.30am - PT Session
11.15am - Squad time
11.30am- dismissal
11.45am- Debrief

NCO I/C:CPL Daojun
OIC:Officer Justin
Sing-along leader: PTE Yuan Qing
Guitarist: Officer Clement
Devotion leader: Officer Boris

Venue: Church
Attire: PT-Kit
TTB: Water bottle,Drill manual and writing materials

Monday, January 8, 2018

9 Jan 2018 Tuesday Parade

Tuesday parade
9 Jan 2018

1.30pm- Meet at BB Room
1.40pm -Attendance taking at MPH 1
2.00pm -Muster parade
2.15pm -CCA briefing
2.45pm -Drill session
3.45pm -PT session (short one)
4.15pm -Squad polishing
5.00pm -Dismissal

NCOIC: SGT Rongjin
OIC: Mr Yeh
Attire: PT kit
TTB: water bottle, writing materials, polishing kit, uniform parts ( boots, belt ), newspaper

6 Jan 2018 Normal Parade

6th January 2018
Normal Parade

8.45am - Squad Fall-In
9.00am - Muster Parade & Inspection
9.30am - Sing-Along & Devotion
10.10am - PT session
11.00am - Games
11.50am - Squad Time
12.00pm - Dismissal / Debrief

NCO/IC : LCP Joshua
OIC : Officer Clement
Sing-along Leader: PTE Kamallesh and LCP Joshua
Guitarist: Officer Clement
Games Leader : LCP WeiLong and SGT Yang Sheng
Devotion Leader : Officer Clement

Venue : Church
Attire : Day Dress

TTB: Water Bottle, Writing Materials, PT Kit