Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Citizenship/Total Defence 22nd October 2016

Citizenship/Total Defence 22nd October 2016
8.45am Squad fall in
9.00am Muster parade and inspection
9.15am Sing along
9.30am Devotion
9.45am Citizenship lesson
11.45pm Games
12.15pm Squad time
12.30pm Dismissal

Venue: Shuqun Sec
Attire: Day Dress
Bring: Water Bottle, Writing Material, PT-kit
Song leader: LCP Brice
Games leader: LCP Samuel

For Citizenship stage II, please attempt to log in to http://bb.valuesventure.com using NRIC as user and password by Thur and report any technical difficulty to Officer Clement or Officer Samuel

Monday, October 10, 2016

Normal Parade 15 October 2016

Normal parade
Date:15 October 2016

8:45am- Squad Fall-in
9:00am-Muster parade and inspection
9:30am-Sing-along and devotion
10am- LDC 1 lesson
11am- Drill
11.50am- Games
12.30pm- Squad time and birthday celebration
12.50pm- Dismissal

Attire: Full uniform
Venue: School

OIC: Officer Joshua/Officer Clement
Sing-along leaders: LCP Rong Jin and PTE Danish
Games leader: LCP Naveen and PTE Nicholas
Flag raiser: PTE Jun Yu
TTB: PT-Kit, Field rank (NCOs), Water bottle , Writing materials

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

STUDY SESSIONS ON SATURDAYS 17 & 24 Sept, 1 & 8 Oct 2016

Study Session 2016
Date: 17 & 24 Sept, 1 & 8 Oct
Venue: Jurong Christian Church

Room 8
Attire: casual

Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm

Things to bring: Textbooks, assessment books, writing materials, consent forms(if have not submitted) and calculator(if needed)

These instructions are for 'those who will be coming for the Saturday study sessions in room 8 in church@101 Yuan Ching Road.

1. Bring your consent form this Saturday if you have not submitted.
2. Bring your textbooks and assessment books, as well as writing materials and calculator (if needed) to do your revision.
3. The study sessions are from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Come on time.
4. Do not talk or play with your handphone or other gadgets or listen to music during the study sessions.
5. You may bring some snacks and drinks, but eating/drinking is only allowed during the hourly breaks.
6. Ask for permission if you need to go outside the room or leave early.
7. Inform officer Clement or Mr Chin if you are unable to come for any of the study sessions.

Monday, August 29, 2016

National Character Quest Competition 10 Sept 2016

Overnight Recreation Programme 3 - 4 September

Overnight Recreation Programme

3 September
1630 - CQ training
1800 - Dinner (for those who indicated)
1820 - Muster parade @ 101
1830 - Depart for Chinatown
1900 to 2045 – Mid-autumn Festival Light-up and Bazaar @ Chinatown
2130 to 2300 - Cosmic Bowling @ The Chevrons
2315 - Depart for Jurong Point

4 September
0000 to 0200 - Midnight movie @ Jurong Point
0200 to 0300 - Shopping, NTUC Extra @ Jurong Point
0300 - Depart for Jurong Hill
0315 to 0600 – The Dark Side @ Jurong Hill
0615 - Depart MacDonald’s @ Jurong Bowl
0630 - Breakfast @ MacDonald's
0730 - Dismiss from MacDonald's

Venue: JCC
Things To Bring:
1. Water Bottle
2. 1 set of PT-kit
3. Writing Materials
4. Foldable Umbrella
5. Cash (Not more than $10)
6. Jacket
7. Insect Repellant
Squad Level-
1. Torch
2. Clipboard

Attire: Knee-length or bermuda shorts with Company T-Shirt, Shoes and Socks
NCO/IC: LCP Jonathan
OIC: Mr Chin

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Normal Parade 27 August 2016

Normal parade

Date:27th August 2016

8:30am- Squad Fall-in
8:45am-Muster parade and inspection
9:30am-CE/CQ Training
12:00pm-Squad time

Attire-Full uniform
Venue: School(SQSS)

OIC: Officer Justin
Sing-along leaders: LCP Xavier
Flag raiser: PTE Malcolm
Games leader: LCP Samuel and PTE Zhuo Yan
TTB:PT -kit, Field rank (NCOS), Water bottle , writing materials , CE and CQ notes

Monday, August 15, 2016

Normal Parade 20 August 2016

Normal parade

Date: 20 August 2016

8:45am - squad fall-in
9:00am - muster parade & Inspection
9:30am - Sing-Along
9:45am - CE/CQ Training
11.00am - Drill
11:30am - games
12:00pm - squad time
12:15pm - dismissal
12:20pm - debrief

Venue: School

NCO/IC: LCP Malcolm
Officer incharge: Officer Clement
Sing-Along: PTE Wei Long and PTE Joshua
Games leader: LCP Jonathan,LCP Yang Sheng and PTE Caleb
Flag-raiser: LCP Jonathan

Things to bring: PT-Kit, field rank ( NCO'S), water bottle, Writing materials, CE notes,CQ notes and test paper