Monday, May 23, 2016

Opening parade

Opening parade
Date:28 May
Venue: Church (MPH)
Attire: PT Kit
TTB: Water Bottle, writing materials

0845am- Squad fall in
0900am-Muster parade
0910am-Sing Along
0925am-Lifeskill lesson: Being Idiots
1215pm-Reflection time
1230pm-Squad time

NCO i/c: LCP Daojun
Singalong leaders: LCP Xavier and PTE Zhuo Yan
Guitarist: Officer Zhenhui
OIC- Officer Justin

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Study Session

Study Session 2016
Date: 30 April, 7 May, 14 May
Venue: Jurong Christian Church, Room 8
Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm
Things to bring: Textbooks, assessment books, writing materials, consent forms(if have not submitted) and calculator(if needed)
Attire: Casual

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Enrolment Rehearsal & Enrolment Day

Enrolment rehearsal 16th April

Attire: PT Kit ( Polo or coy tee)

8.00 am- Sq Fall-In
8.15 am- Muster Parade for Snrs
8.30 am- Rehearsal for awards presentation
9.30 am- Enrolment service Rehearsal
10.30 am- Jnr- Dismissal/ Snr- SAAD
11.00 am- Sq time
11.20 am- Dismissal
11.30am- Debrief

Things to Bring: Water bottle, writing materials

NCO/Csm I/C : SSG Benjamin
Sing-a-long leader:CPL Sherman
OIC: Officer Justin

Enrolment Day 17th April

Attire: Day Dress

10.40-10.59am - Sqd Fall-in (sqd leader take charge)

11.00 am - Muster parade & opening prayer
11.05 am - Awards Presentation
11.45 am - Refreshments/ Mingle with parents and guests
12.15 am - Be seated in service hall
12.30 pm - Enrolment service/photo taking after that
2.00 pm - Dismissal/ followed by lunch
3.00 pm - End of programme/ clean up

NCO & Csm: SSG Benjamin
Parade Ceremony OIC: Officer Zhenhui
Awards IC: LCP Yangsheng
Messing IC: PTE Xavier and LCP Rong Jin
OIC: Officer Justin

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

BB Blaze ( supporters)

9 Apr BB Blaze (Company)
Attire: PT-kit ( BB Polo )
Venue: Church
Rooms: MPH
Programme outline:
12pm Muster Parade (Pls take lunch before the programme)
12.15pm SAAD
12.45pm Sq time
1pm Travel to Springfield Secondary School (Tampines)
2.00pm Awards Ceremony
3.00pm Return to Church
4.00pm Dismissal

OIC: 2lt Joshua
Singalong ldr: LCP Malcolm
Devotion ldr: 2lt Joshua
CSM: SSG Benjamin

Friday, April 1, 2016

Speech day

Programme for Speech day :
Squad leader to have their own squad fall-in

07h45 Company Fall-in ( at table tennis )
08h00 Fall in at cabin for further practice
08h30 Breakfast and break
09h30 Gather back at cabin ( Speech Day)
13h00 dismissal

Please note that GOH is reaching around 09h50, hence the earlier gathering back at cabin.
 Attire: Day Dress
Polish up and look smart

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lifeskills Programme

19 March 2016 Programme

Venue: Level 3 Room 9 @ Church
Attire: Mufti with name tag and Field rank for NCOs
Things to bring: Writing materials, water bottle, target notes for target Boys

08.30am  Target Lesson
09.30am  Company Muster Parade
09.45am  Sing Along and Devotion
10.15am  Lifeskill: Karate
12.15pm  Squad Discussion and Presentation of Learning Points
12.45pm  Dismissal

Target Boys reporting time: 8.25am
Other Boys reporting time: 9.25am

Singalong leader: Surprise Guest
Devotion leaders: 2-for-1
Officer I/C: Officer Samuel


Monday, March 7, 2016

Target and Drill camp 2016

Target and Drill camp March 11-13

Camp Objective:
To improve our drill standard through strengthening our discipline.
Camp Verse:
Proverbs 12:1 (ERV) Whoever loves discipline loves to learn; whoever hates to be corrected is stupid

Sec 2's and 3's( going to concert)
Attire: Full-U
March 11
5.45 pm- put camp items in school
6.00pm- go for concert
10.00pm- arrive back to school
...carry on with program outline

Sec 1's and 4's (not going to concert)
Attire: Full-U
March 11
0900pm-Set Up Classrooms
0930pm-Self Revision/Washup
1000pm-Short Briefing/Supper
1030pm- Lights Off

Last day of camp March 13
0630am-Area Inspection
0730am-Muster Parade/Inspection
0800am-Sing Along & Devotion
1000am-Camp Evaluation

Things to Bring:
3 BB/PE T-shirts (including BB Polo)
3 Shorts (Black or dark blue only)
3 pairs of Underwear
Field rank (for NCOs)
1 pair of Slippers/Sandals (for shower time)
1 pair of Shoes
1 pair of Black/Dark Blue Long Socks
1 pair of White Socks
Plastic Bags for used clothes
Mug (able to hold hot drinks)
Water Bottle (at least 1000ml)
Soap & Shampoo
Toothbrush & Toothpaste
Packing List (this list)
Writing Materials (Notebook and pen)
Target Notes (for Target)
Drill manual (for Drill 1 and 2)
Polishing kit & Inspection
Inspection lists (Squad leaders)
Shoe polish & Cloth
Metal polish & Cloth
Sleeping Bag
Personal Medication (Bring as prescribed if any)
Insect repellent (Optional)
*All items are necessary unless otherwise stated

NCO IC: SGT Benjamin
CSM: CPL Xinjie and SGT Yeekai
Messing:CPL Sherman
Logistics:CPL Xinjie
OIC: Officer Clement
Sing-a-long Leaders: LCP Brice, LCP Yangsheng and LCP Malcolm