Sunday, July 20, 2014

First-Aid Day Camp 2014

First-Aid Day Camp 2014
Objective: Making sure that all boys can go to the Saint-John's first-aid course, also to let boys learn the utmost basic First-Aid.

Programme Outline for Day 1:
8.45 Am Squad Leader fall-in
9 Am Muster Parade
9.05 Am SAAD
9.20 Am CE Lesson
10.20 Am First-Aid lesson 1
12.00 Noon Lunch
12.30 Pm First-Aid Lesson 2
3 Pm Squad Time
3.15 Pm First-Aid Lesson 3
4.15 Pm Dismissal
4.25 Pm Debrief
Things to Bring:
Writing Materials, Water Bottle, Roller and triangle bandage(Important), CE Notes.

Programme Outline for Day 2:
8.45 Am Squad Leader fall-in
9 Am Muster Parade
9.05 Am SAAD
9.20 Am CE Lesson
10.20 Am First-Aid lesson 4
12.00 Noon Lunch
12.30 Pm Revision
1 Pm First-Aid Test
4 Pm Squad Time
4.15 Pm Dismissal
4.25 Pm Debrief

Things to Bring:
Writing Materials, Water Bottle, Roller and triangle bandage (Important), CE Notes, First-Aid Notes.

Note: Failure to bring of bandage for test will result in failing the first-aid test.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Passing Out Parade

Passing Out Parade

Date: 19 Jul 2014
Venue: Shuqun Secondary School
Attire: Full-U
Things to bring: Writing materials, Coy-tee/BB blue Polo, water bottle, $5 for lunch and bus pass/ EZlink card

9.45am - Report to SQSS for Christian Education Badgework
10.00am - CE Badgework
11.00am - Muster Parade, Inspection & Award Presentation
11.20am - Singalong & Devotion
12.00pm - Squad Time and Squad Photo taking
12.30pm - Dismissal & Traveling to IMM for lunch
 2.30pm - End of Lunch

Sing along leader: LCP JiaJun
Devotion Leader: Capt Zewen

CE 1
Ms Lydia , 2Lt Wen Wei
CE 2
2Lt Justin / Mr Chin
CE 3
2Lt Justin / Mr Chin

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BB CARES 12 July 0214

The BB CARES (Community Activities Rallying Everyone to Serve) project aims to involve all BB Companies in Singapore to provide a day of fun and meaningful BEFRIENDING activities for beneficiaries of various welfare agencies. This year, we will again be working with Bo Tien Home to bring residents out for a day.

Attire: PT Kit
1:15PM Sq ldr fall-in
1:30PM Company Fall-in 
1:45pm SAAD
2:15PM Briefing
2:30PM Travel to BO TIEN
3:00PM load wheelchair to bus
3:30PM Travel to labrador park
4:00PM icebreaker games
4:30PM dinner
5:30PM broadwalk
6:45PM loading up bus
7:30PM Dismissal at Bo Tien
Game leaders: LCP Xinjie
Devotion leader: Capt Zewen
Things to bring: Water Bottle(s) 1 litre, Haversack, Umbrella, Cap (optional) notebook and writing materials.
Pls ensure your Boys submitted the BB CARES consent forms

Friday, July 4, 2014

No Parade Tomorrow July 5, 2014

There's no parade tomorrow. NexSaturday is BB Cares. Look out for more information. Enjoy your long weekend, and Happy Youth Day!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lifeskill camp 2014 27/28 June

Lifeskill Camp
Venue: Jurong Christian Church
Date: 27-28 June 2014
Attire: PT Kit

Things to Bring:

2 Extra sets of pt kit (including undergarment and socks)
1 pair of slippers
1 Sleeping bag
Water bottle
Writing materials
Water Bottle and Mug
Field rank (For NCO’s)

Please bring all the items.

Day 1 (Friday)

8.45am Sqldr Fall-in
9.00am Muster parade09.05am Camp Briefing
9.30am Settle down in rooms
9.45am SAAD
10.15am Song leading workshop
11.15am Lunch
12.00pm Principles and values workshop
1.00pm Reasons why I think I did well (Part 1)
2.00pm Indoor games
2.30pm Life gift & personality workshop
4.30pm Tea break
4.45pm Outdoor games
5.45pm Wash up
6.30pm Dinner
7.00pm Reasons why I think I did well (Part 2)
8.00pm Movie ‘Courageous’
10.00pm Individual Reflection
10.15pm Group discussion (Consolidate learning from the entire day)
10.45pm Group presentation to the company
11.15pm Supper
11.30pm Night out/Debrief 

Day 2 (Saturday)

7.00am Rise and shine
7.15am 5BX
7.45am Breakfast
8.15am Muster parade
8.30am Sing-A-Long
9.00am Managing stress and obstacles workshop
12pm Lunch
12.45pm Indoor games
1.15pm Reasons why I think I did well (Part 3)
2.15pm Individual Reflection
2.30pm Group discussion (consolidate learnings from the entire day)
3.00pm Group presentation to the company
3.30pm Closing/Wrap up key take away
3.45pm Evaluation
4.00pm Break camp/Inspection
4.15pm Dismissal

Duty NCO - LCP Xin Jie
Song Leader - CPL Shun Yao, LCP Xin Jie 
Devotion leader - Mr Yeh
Officer IC - Officer Justin 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Adventure Hike, 7-8 June 2014

Venue and Time
Gather in Jurong Christian Church @ 12pm on Saturday 7 June 2014
Dismiss from Jurong Christian Church @ 7am on Sunday 8 June 2014

P T Kit

11:00am – Early MGR plotting for squads that want to have it
12:00pm – Lunch
01:00pm – Squad leaders Roll Call
01:15pm – Company fall in
01:30pm – MGR plotting and verification
02:15pm – Safety briefing
02:30pm – Travel to starting point
03:00pm – Expedition starts

Things To Bring
1 extra set of PT kit
1 extra pair of socks
Rain coat / poncho
1 large water bottle (at least 1.5 litres)
1 small water bottle (at least 750 ml)
1 pair of slippers
Sleeping bag
Towel and toiletries

Duty Personnel
Duty officer: Clt Kivan/ Officer Zewen
Duty NCO: Lcp Yee Kai

Friday, May 30, 2014

Trial Hike Programme1 May 2014

Venue: Jurong Christian Church
Attire: PT Kit (Company T or Brigade Polo T), with socks above ankle
08:30am - Fall in
08:45am - Sing a long and Devotion
09:15am - Map reading revision
10:00am - MGR plotting for Trial
11:00am - Lunch
11:30am - MGR checking
12:00pm - Trial hike starts
03:00pm - Back to church
03:15pm - Trial hike debrief
03:30pm - Sq time
03:45pm - Dismissial
04:00pm - Overall debrief
04:30pm - End of debrief
Song leader: Pte Pradeep
Devotion Leader: Mr Chin
Duty Officer: Capt Zewen
Things to bring: Hike Consent form/ water bottle (2 bottle, 1x more than 1litre and 1x 500ml bottle above)/ writing material/ haversack only/ rain coat/ 1 set of PT kit with socks