Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Passing out parade

8:45AM Muster Parade&inspection
9:30AM Card Making&photo taking& presentation
10:45AM Fall-Out&changing into PT Kit
11:05AM Lunch(packed lunch)
11:25AM Travel to Super bowl Jurong
11:55AM Reach super bowl Jurong
1:55PM Prize presentation
2:10PM End of parade

Things to bring:
PT kit
Water bottle
1×0.7 ball point pen
1 pair of scissors
long ruler at least 30cm long

Nco in charge: LCP Kevin
Devotion leader: Mr.chin
Singalong leader: SGT shunyao
Officer in charge :Captain zewen

Friday, April 17, 2015

Enrolment Day

Enrolment day 19 April 2015

10.30am Mustering and Opening prayer in room 12
10.35am Sing along
10.50am Awards presentation11.50am Refreshment (buns and milo)
12.15pm Be seated in Service hall
12.30pm Enrolment Service (with commissioning of
new Company Colours)
2pm Lunch
3pm Dismissal

Attire: Day Dress (Full Uniform)
Venue: Jurong Christian Church

Monday, April 13, 2015

Enrolment rehearsal

Enrolment rehearsal 18 Apr 2015

8.15am Muster Parade for Snr
8.30am Awards presentation rehearsal
9.30am Enrolment Service Rehearsal (with commissioning of new Company Colours)
10.30am Jnr dismissal, Snr to continue with Sing Along and devotion
11am Squad Time
11.20am Dismissal
11.30am Debrief
11.45am End of Debrief

Attire: PT kit
Venue: Jurong Christian Church
TTB: Water bottle, writing materials
Nco ic: cpl keith
Oic: officer zhenhui

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Target and drill day camp 2

T&D (Day2)-11 April 2015

0845-squad fall in

0855-0915 Muster parade & inspection

0915-0945 SAAD

0945-1000 Camp briefing by CSM/CPL xinjie

1000-1015 Briefing on Promotions by Captain Zewen

1015-1115 Drill practical 1 (1hr)

1115-1200 Theory Lesson 1 (45min)

1200-1245 Lunch

1245-1330 Theory lesson 2 (45min)

1330-1430 Drill practical 2 (1hr)

1430-1530 Test

1515-1545 Sq time

1545 Dismissal


Sing-a-long ldr :SGT Benjamin

CSM:SGT Benjamin

Nco in charge:CPL Xinjie

Ofc in charge:Officer Justin

Things to bring: water bottle.writing materials, 3month consent form,enrolment consent form,drill manual(drill 1 and drill 2),target notes (target boys)
**Target boys please also remember to bring your fork and spoon for this week’s programme**

Monday, March 30, 2015

Normal parade

Normal parade
Venue: Church
Things to bring: Water bottle,writing materials,pt kit

8.45 am Squad fall-in
8.55 am Muster parade
9.20 am SAAD
10.00 am Drill and target badgework
11.35 am Games
12.05 nn Squad time
12.25 pm Dismissal
12.35 pm Debrief

Squad duty:squad Ephesians
Officer in charge: Officer Joshua
Sing-a-long leader: LCP Sherman
Games leader:Pte Naveen
Devotion leader: Pastor Andrew

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Target boys programme

Target Boys programme    28 March 2015
Venue: Jurong Christian Church
Attire: PT Kit
Things to Bring: Target notes, CE notes, Writing material, Water Bottle

8.45am Meet at Lakeside MRT control station
9.00am Fall in at Jurong Christian Church
9.05am Target CE revision
9.30am CE test
10.00am Target lesson
10.45am Drill
11 30am Officer and Target boys Time
11 45am Dismissal

Monday, March 16, 2015

Target and drill (Day 1)

T&D (Day 1) - 21 March 2015                                    0800 Squad Fall in
Venue:shuqun secondary school
0815-0830 Muster Parade & Inspection
0830-0900 BB week collection and Camp Briefing
0900-0930 SAAD
0930-1030 Drill Practical 1 (1hr)
1030-1115 Theory Lesson 1 (45 mins)
1115-1145 Lunch
1145-1230 Theory Lesson 2 (45 mins)
1230-1330 Drill Practical 2 (1hr)
1330-1415 Games
1415-1445 Tea break/Sq time
1445-1545 Drill Practical 3 (1 hr)
1545 Dismissal

Singalong ldr:  LCP Pradeep
Games ldr:LCP Sherman
Csm: SGT Benjamin
Nco in charge:CPL Xinjie
Ofc in charge: ofc Justin
Ttb: water bottle, field rank(nco), drill manuel(drill 1 and drill 2), targets notes, pt kit, writing material and **bb week cards and money**