Saturday, July 23, 2016

Normal Parade 30 July 2016

Normal Parade

Date:30th July 2016

8:45am- Squad Fall-in
9:00am-Muster parade and inspection
9:45am-NYAA briefing
10:00am-CE/CQ Training
12:25am-Squad time

Attire-Full uniform
Venue: School

OIC: Officer Boris
Sing-along leaders: PTE Malcolm and PTE Zhuo Yan
Games leader: LCP Xavier
Flag raiser:LCP Samuel
TTB:PT -kit, Field rank (NCOS), Water bottle , writing materials , CE and CQ notes

Friday, July 22, 2016

BB CARES 23 July 2016

BB CARES 23 July 2016

To interact with the residents of Botien Home through an outing to Botanic Gardens

1.30pm CQ Training (JCC MPH)
2.30pm Fall in & Briefing (JCC MPH)
3.00pm Travel to Botien
3.15pm Boarding @ Botien
4.15pm Alight @ Botanic Gardens Visitor Center
4.45pm Photo taking
5.00pm Garden Trail
5.30pm Games
5.45pm Dinner
6.35pm Walk back to Vistor Center
6.45pm Travel back to Botien
7.30pm Dismissal at Botien

Reporting time: 1.30pm/2.30pm (CQ/non-CQ)
Meeting venue: JCC
Attire: PT-kit (Polo)

Things to bring:
Water Bottle (at least 1L), Writing Materials, CQ Notes, Umbrella (foldable), Fan
Cap, Sunblock, Insect repellant

OICs: 2lt Clement & 2lt Samuel

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Combined Outing

Combined Outing
Date:16 July 2016

8.15 :Muster parade
8.30: Journey to Sungei Buloh
9.00: Grouping, Briefing, toilet break
9.15: Coastline trails
10.30: Games
11.30: Break/Picnic
12.00:  Bus back to Shuqun Primary School
12.30:  Dismissal

Attire: PT kit (polo t-shirt)
Venue: Shuqun Primary School

NCO in-charge: LCP Samuel
Officer in-charge: Officer Zhenhui
Games Leader: LCP Brice and LCP Samuel

Things to bring: water bottle, writing material, umbrella/raincoat, insect repellent and caps are optional, snacks

Monday, July 4, 2016

Normal Parade

Normal parade

Date: 09 July 2016

8:45am - squad fall-in
9:00am - muster parade & Inspection
9:30am - Sing-A-long
9:45am - CE/CQ Training
10:45am - Drill
11:30am - games
12:15pm - squad time
12:35pm - dismissal
12.45pm - debrief

Venue: School

NCO/IC: LCP Malcolm
Officer incharge: Officer Clement
Sing-Along: LCP Jonathan and PTE Caleb
Games leader: LCP Yang Sheng
Flag-raiser: PTE Wei Long
Things to bring: PT-Kit with field rank Water bottle, Writing materials, CE and CQ notes Normal parade

Monday, June 27, 2016

Meet the parents session

Meet the parents session
2nd July 2016

0900 - Muster parade and inspection
0920 - Video
0930 - Slides presentation
1100 - Lunch and photo taking
1145 - Dismissal

Venue - Church
Attire(Boys) - Full uniform
Attire(family members) - smart casual
Things to bring - writing material and water bottle

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Normal parade

Normal parade

Date: 25 June 2016

8:45am - squad fall-in
9:00am - muster parade & Inspection
9:30am - Sing-A-long
9:45am - CE/CQ Training
10:45am - Drill
11:30am - games
12:10pm - squad time
12:30pm - dismissal
12.40pm - debrief

Venue: JCC

Officer incharge: Officer Joshua
Sing-Along: PTE Navin
Games leader: PTE Daniel
Things to bring: PT-Kit, ( Field Rank )  for the NCO, Name Tag, Water bottle, Writing materials, CE and CQ notes

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Normal Parade

Normal parade
Date: 18 June 2016

8:45am-Squad fall-in
9:00am-Muster parade & Inspection
12:10pm-Squad time and birthday celebration

Venue: JCC
Nco-incharge: LCP Rong Jin
Officer incharge: Officer Joshua
Sing along: LCP Rong Jin and PTE Nicholas
Games leader: LCP Naveen

Things to bring:Pt kit,Water bottle,Writing materials,CE and CQ notes