Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Combine outing

Combine Outing – Air Force Museum

Date: 21 November 2015
Time: 0750HRS
Venue: Shuqun Primary School*
Attire: PT KIT
Things to Bring: Water bottle, umbrella/rain coat

Program Outline:
Squad leaders fall in
Muster Parade
Depart SQPS
Arrive at Air Force Museum | Explore Exhibits
Paper plane contest
Depart from Air Force Museum

NCO In Charge: LCP Lee Hui
Officer In Charge: OCT Ricky

Monday, November 9, 2015

Adventure hike

Actual hike (14th Nov)
1130 - muster parade
1145 - Lunch
1230 - SAAD
1300 - MGR plotting + final prep
1500 - bus to sembawang
1530 - start hike
2230 - cut off time, travel back to church
2315 - wash up + supper
2359 - lights off

8th Nov
0715 - reveille + wash up
0800 - dismissal

Attire - pt kit
Venue - church (rm 1&2)
TTB - 2L water, poncho/umbrella, EZLINK CARD, toiletries, 2 extra sets of pt kit(shirt,shorts,undergarment,socks) slippers, sleeping bag, torchlight,cap (optional)

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Trial hike

Trail hike (7th Nov)
0845 - muster parade
0900 - SAAD
0930 - MGR plotting
1045 - Hike
1215 - debrief
1240 - dismissal

Attire - pt kit
Venue - church(rm7)
TTB - 2L water, poncho/umbrella, $6 for Boys buying coy T(those who don't have), extra pt kit (shirt shorts and socks), cap (optional)

Friday, October 23, 2015

31 October 2015 - Character Quiz (CQ) Competition

Programme of CQ participants
6.50am – Meet at Shuqun Secondary
7am – Travel via school bus to North View Primary School (Add: 210 Yishun Avenue 6, Spore 768960)
8am – Actual Character Quest competition
3pm – Travel back to Shuqun Secondary
3.30pm – Dismissal

Venue: Meet at the front gate of Shuqun Secondary
Things to bring: Ezylink with photo ID or NRIC, water bottle, and 1 pen
OIC: Officer Justin

Programme of the rest of the company

10.30am – Muster Parade
10.45am – Sec 1s to practice MGR reading (Led by officer Samuel)
12.15pm – Lunch
1pm – Set out to North View Primary School
3pm – Travel back to Shuqun Secondary
3.30pm – Dismissal

Venue: Meet in Church (MPH)
Things to bring: water bottle and writing materials
OIC: Officer Samuel

Attire for all
Boys: BB blue polo t-shirt (do not wear company t-shirt), Dark blue BB pants with school shoes, Name tag, Field ranks for NCOs
Officers: BB white polo t-shirt, Dark blue longs/jeans

Note for CQ participants
Ensure that that hair cut is short, tidy and acceptable within school standards.If you do not meet these standards, you will not be able to participate (and the whole team will be barred from the competition).

Unauthorised materials, hand phones, tablets, communication or electronic devices capable of storing, transmitting and displaying visual and verbal information are strictly prohibited during the competition. If a Team Member is caught using the above prohibited items, the Team would be immediately disqualified and required to surrender their Passport to the Character Quest Committee.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Time – 10am to 3.30pm
Venue – Jurong Christian Church @ 101 Yuan Ching Road
Attire – Full Uniform


0900 – CQ training (sec 2 and sec 3 only)
1000 – Squads fall in        
1015 – Muster parade and inspection   
1040 – Singalong and devotion  
1115 – Awards presentation       
1145 – Lunch         
1230 – Area cleaning       
1245 – Dismissal / depart for Superbowl (take bus)   
1330 – Bowling starts       
1530 – Programme ends

BB blue polo t-shirt
EZ-Link Card
CQ notes (for sec 2 and sec 3 Boys)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Normal parade

Normal Parade
12 September  2015

8.15am Latecomers report & Reach church
8.30 Squad Fall-in
8.40am Muster parade & Inspection
9.00am Sing-along
9.15am CE/CQ lesson
10.30am Drill
11:30am Games
12:00am Sq time
12:15am Dismissal
12:25am Debrief

TTB: Writing Materials, Water Bottle, CECQ notes,
BB polo/company tee
Venue: Church
Attire: Full U
Squad Duty: Solomon

Singalong leaders: PTE Wee Siong & PTE Kai wen
Flag raiser: PTE Daniel
Games leader:CPL Kevin
OIC: Officer Zhenhui

Latecomers for last wk parade: PTE Malcolm Ng

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Normal parade

Normal parade 05/09/15

0815 late comers fall in
0830 sq fall in
0845 muster parade and inspection
0915 sing along
0930 CE/CQ
1030 drill
1130 birthday celebration and sq time
1210 dismissal
1230 debrief

Squad duty: Ephesians
Attire: Full-u
Venue: School
TTB: Writing materials, Water bottle, CE/CQ notes, PT kit (for drill)
Officer In-Charge: Officer Ricky
Flag Raiser: PTE Khyan
Sing along ldr: CPL Sherman and PTE Danish